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Empathy: Keystone to Building an Alliance $20.00
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Empathy: Keystone to Building an Alliance

Empathy is a concept widely discussed as an essential part of the therapeutic process. Carl Rogers first delineated it as essential in building an alliance, and it was even later acknowledged by Hans Kohut, in psychoanalysis, as a quintessential element in the in building self-structure and helping people change. Even though many proclaim the importance of empathy, what does it really mean? How is it applied in the therapeutic context, and what interferes with its establishment in the alliance? Once empathy is established, but a rupture occurs in the therapeutic bond, how does one restore it? This lecture examines these and other questions and aspects of empathy. The outcome of the seminar is to help build better alliances with clients struggling with addiction and, ultimately, to achieve better treatment outcomes.
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Empathy: Keystone to Building an Alliance
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